Integrated Event Marketing – Choosing the Right Partner

Choosing an event production company can be a risk/reward proposition. With Blend Event Marketing, our experience, values and transparency remove all of the risk and provide nothing but rewards.

Blend Event Marketing is a production company that understands what it means to provide a superior level of service. Not just when it’s requested, but at all times. It’s the fundamental reason Blend was created, and the reason we’re the right event production company…all the time.

How Blend Event Marketing creates and executes successful event programs:

Strategy Before Production

Blend discusses the desired outcome and strategy with you before executing any level of production. By the time you see the creative for your trade show exhibit, corporate meeting or customer event, we will have thoroughly analyzed how, and why, the design meets the project's strategic objectives. Ultimately this drives a successful production process as well.

Scalable Solutions

Customized solutions is the only way Blend works. With our global network of exhibit production companies, experiential designers and event producers, we will develop your program specifically to meet your objectives.


Our designers work to create a solution that fits, creating extraordinary environmental design that exceeds your expectations.

Blend stays focused on improving the performance of trade show exhibits, creatively executing the design and production of events, and planning corporate meetings with the highest level of professionalism. The right partner with the right experience makes all the difference.